Italian Flatbread Pizza
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Red Mature Slices

Slice in half a croissant, add thinly sliced roast ham, slices of Charleville red mature and bake until crispy and golden for that special weekend breakfast treat.

Red Select Slices

Spread a tablespoon of fragrant basil pesto on top of roasted chicken breasts, then add 2 slices of Charleville red select. Return to oven or grill and allow to melt for a simple, elegant twist to tea times.

White Select Slices

Take your toasted crumpets to the next level with Charleville! Top toasted crumpets (or bagels) with slices of Charleville White select, add a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of smoked paprika then finish under a hot grill for a quick and scrumptious snack.


Roast whole Field Mushrooms then top with thick slices of beef tomato, a pinch of salt & pepper and slices of Charleville Edam. Bake again until melted then slide on to sliced and toasted focaccia for the ultimate veggie sandwich.