Italian Flatbread Pizza
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Select Red Block

Spread sweet & spicy chilli jam on toasted sourdough then stack with thick slices of our select thick cheddar. Dot with halved, ripe cherry tomatoes and grill for 4 minutes for a quick & spicy lunch time treat.

Select White Block

Lay thick slices of our select white cheddar over grilled applewood smoked bacon, grill for another 2 minutes until soft, gooey and melted. Serve on toasted ciabatta & dollop on smokey chipotle ketchup.

Mature Red Block

Elevate your burger of choice by adding thick slices of Charleville red mature, grill until all bubbly and gooey, slide on to a sweet toasted brioche bun with pickles, lettuce and ketchup.

Light Red Block

Grate Charleville red through shredded carrot, beetroot and apple then add toasted walnuts for a light and tasty slaw.