Our Eathos

At Charleville Cheese, we believe life is too short to compromise.
Simple pleasures should be celebrated and grabbed with two hands, grabbed in big wedge shaped chunks in fact. That’s why we’re taking a stand, to banish the bland.
Forget flavourless fuel, embrace bold flavour, new combinations and easy inspirations.
Grate, melt, make or bake our pure dairy cheese onto suppers, lunches or weekend munches.

Stack our select red cheddar, in thick slabs, on batch loaf with chorizo, tomato relish and spinach leaves… under the grill for 4 minutes and ready to go… bombard your taste buds with satisfying, wholesome goodness. Banish bland for good.

Grated Charleville Cheese
Charleville Cheese on Toast
Charleville Cheese Salad Sandwich


  1. Do eat Charleville in 1cm thick slabs.
  2. Don’t apologise for it.
  3. Try new combinations everyday. Banish the bland.
  4. Do stand at the kitchen counter in your onesie cutting individual slices of cheese and eating each one.
  5. Do make melty grilled cheese sandwiches for even your fanciest guests. (Who doesn’t love toasties?)
  6. Changing the mayo or relish can dramatically inspire your sandwich. Try it #itsthesimplethings
  7. Simple ingredients, done well, is the key to great food.
  8. Throw a few great ingredients in the fridge at work, rustle up your lunch each day. Your wallet will rejoice.
  9. Life’s too short to compromise.
  10. Life is grate, so live well, eat well, and go out there and enjoy it.